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The Reactivation Of The Tourism In The Galapagos Islands Continues.

Photo and Content: Consejo de Gobierno de Galapagos

As part of the economic reactivation of Galapagos, we signed a tripartite framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation for the implementation of a private clinical laboratory, especially for the processing of RT-PCR tests for COVID-19, in addition to the execution of scientific research projects with the Agency for Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine for Galapagos – ABG and the University of the Americas – UDLA.

The objectives are: To increase sampling capacity on the islands to ensure greater safety for tourists; to allow international visitors to be tested on the islands shortly before leaving the country; to reduce the pressure on the public health system for sampling and analysis; and to maintain the Galapagos Islands as a safe destination.

The results of the tests will be billed directly to the final consumer at a price no higher than that established by the National Health Authority. The analysis of COVID-19 samples from the Ministry of Public Health will also be free of charge, in accordance with the possibilities and infrastructure available to UDLA.

The agreement has a term of one year and among the provisions, it is established that the equipment will be donated to the Biosecurity Agency for Galapagos.

Important note: Please refer also to our last COVID-19 update post on the 2020/12/30 regarding the Biosecurity protocols where you have all the recomendations to take before comming to visit the Galapagos Islands.

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