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¨Galapagos is a unique destination, it is an ecological paradise and requires a unique preparation also to visit it¨.

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There are no direct international flights to the Galapagos Islands. Daily flights to the Galapagos Islands depart from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil on mainland Ecuador, if you have the option, fly to Guayaquil to save time as most flights from Quito have a stopover here on the way to Galapagos. Most flights to the Galapagos are early in the morning, so you will probably need to spend the night in a hotel on the mainland.

If you are going to travel to the island of Santa Cruz you must buy your air ticket to the Island of Baltra.

Currently, there are two airlines that travel to Galapagos. LATAM AND AVIANCA.

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Recommendations for your trip

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Sports camera;  your own snorkel gear, sunscreen and cap or hat, sports shoes, cash money, mosquito repellent, water thermos

The future of the archipelago and its ecosystems is in our hands.

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10 Rules for Visitors You Should Know Before Your Trip.

When you are already at the Quito or Guayaquil airport

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At the airport: You must go to the Galapagos Government Council window to obtain a transit control card (TCT)

And subsequently to the line of and inspection of the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosafety for Galapagos.

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After these steps, you can go to the counter of your airline to proceed with the check in of your flight.  ¨have a nice trip¨  Welcome to Galapagos.

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When you land on the island of Baltra, you will go through a disinfection tunnel, followed by this you must enter through the door that says foreign and national passengers, and wait in a line; Prepare your personal documents for review, here you will also make the payment of the entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park as appropriate:

Foreigners $ 100 in cash, children under 12 years old pay $ 50.

6 USD for national or foreign tourists residing in Ecuador.

6 USD for foreign tourists from countries belonging to the Andean Community of Nations or Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru).

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Once you have collected your luggage and left the airport, go to buy the ticket for the bus that you will have to take, value $ 5.00 dollars and make the line to go up to it; This bus takes 5 minutes and will leave you on the side of the Itabaca Channel of the Island of Baltra; to proceed to take the ferry.

The Lobito Company staff will place your suitcases under the bus and deliver your luggage to the other side of the Itabaca Channel on Santa Cruz Island.
It is a great opportunity for some first photos of the Galapagos: crystal clear waters, green landscape and blue skies.

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Proceed to board the ferry, the Lobito Company staff will carry your bags to the top of the ferry. The cost is $ 1.00 per trip and it takes about 6 minutes.

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Once you cross the Itabaca channel on the ferry, collect your luggage and proceed to take a $ 25.00 taxi or the $ 5.00 bus. To be taken to Puerto Ayora.

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Friendly wildlife like playful sea lions and giant sea turtles allow visitors to get up close and personal. Please keep your distance of two meters from the Galapagos animals.

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